Thursday, June 14, 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018

git add a new branch and push it to remote server

Add a new branch and push it to remote server:

git checkout -b new_branch

git push -u origin  new_branch

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Check whether all nodes are in sync(timewise)

To check whether time is in sync (ntp) you can make use of ansible.

First fillup your inventory file with all nodes.


ansible all -m shell -a "date"

all here will contact all the nodes in inventory and get time.

If it varies widely you have an issue. check whether ntp service like
chronyd/ntpd running in the nodes.

Running out of space in /var directory due to docker images

docker images are stored under /var/lib/docker

If you run out of space in /var partition.?

ok move /var/lib/docker directory to /root (considering space is available under /root) and create a symlink from /var/lib/docker to /root/docker.

Ensure you stop docker service before moving and verify docker daemon works fine after creating symlink.

so, all the commands put together:

systemctl stop docker

mv /var/lib/docker /root/

ln -sf  /root/docker /var/lib/docker

systemctl start docker

systemctl status  docker

thats it :)