Friday, May 29, 2015

merge two/more pdf files , rotate pdf file

How to join two pdf files (in Linux):
yum install pdfjam

# pdfjoin file1.pdf file2.pdf

Where file1.pdf and file2.pdf are the pdf files to be joined.

output will be file2_joined.pdf
(So, You need not specify this output file as part of pdfjoin command)


How to rotate a pdf file and then save (in Linux):

qpdfview /path/to/file1.pdf

rotate using menus. then just save the file. thats it :)


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

gluster NFS in Fedora 21

gluster volume start
gluster volume status

Now status does not show NFS ports, it is shown as N/A.

Ok, lets check whether any nfs server is running ?

In machine nfs server was running.

#systemctl status nfs-server

Now stop it
#systemctl stop nfs-server

Create the volume and check whether NFS ports are visible(like 2049).

Yes it is. :)

One weird thing, you atleast needs once to START(nfs server) and then STOP(nfs server) and then go ahead with creating volumes.

gluster has its own NFS server, you don't need to run NFS server in your machine.
You atleast needs once to start and stop the NFS server. I think something is configured / enabled here which is made use by glusterfs. This is most likely a bug.