Sunday, January 30, 2011

Intel(R) HD Graphics in Fedora 13

I have faced issues with Intel HD graphics adapter detection in lenova laptop.

Basically the adapter was not detected properly and it was showing "Unknown monitor" display in fedora 13.

I was able to fix this, by the following steps.

1. Remove the word nomodeset in grub.conf present in /etc directory.

2. move the file xorg.conf present in /etc/X11/ to xorg.conf.backup (basically xorg.conf should no longer be used).

just restart the machine. Now you should be able to change the resolution and the adapter will be detected properly.

You need this only if you face any issues while starting GUI.
If in case you face any issues with X (GUI)starting properly, restart the machine manually and boot in "single user mode" just undo the above mentioned steps.
for single user mode refer :

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