Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Upgrade Fedora 21 to Fedora 22

Fedora 21 to Fedora 22 Upgrade howto:

# Boot Fedora 21 first :)

# update the system
yum update

# Run this command to bring in all fedora 22 rpms ( takes lots of time - may be you want to run this overnight)
fedup --network 22

# Now , you may have faced some issues related to some packages which are all displayed at last, just
take those logs in text file. This helps just in case you face any issue in the future.

# Now, reboot the system , Select upgrade in grub menu.

# After installing packages, system will boot as fc22. :)

Post Fedora 22 update:

# update all packages in fc22
sudo dnf update

# If you want to have maximize, minimize buttons install this.

dnf install gnome-tweak-tool.noarch
Open gnome-tweak-tool  -> Windows -> ON Maximize, minimize buttons.

# You may want to explore more gnome-tweak-tool depending upon your needs.


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