Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Jenkins and related terminology

Although I have used Jenkins as a consumer, I don't have much idea about terminologies used there(pipeline, artifact, Build, etc)

I started looking into Jenkins more using this document. ( )

Installation - Follow steps from this:

To start the service:
systemctl start jenkins

Now, you can access Jenkins from browser using :

For a sample pipeline, follow steps from this: 

so, that's it. 

There seems to so much info. in Jenkins, but I restricted myself to understanding the main terminologies used.

Please refer the documentation for more  😎

This gets me few things clarified:

  • Artifact:
Immutable file created during pipeline/Build.

  • Build:
Result of single execution of the project.

  • Pipeline:
User-defined model of a continuous delivery pipeline.
A suite of plugins which support implementing, integrating continuous delivery pipelines into Jenkins.
     Pipeline as a code. -> Jenkinsfile. -> project source code.

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