Wednesday, May 10, 2017

screen capture for demo recordmydesktop

Screen capture (video) for demo purpose in Linux world:


You can launch GUI and use it.

If you are not interested in sound,  use ( in cli mode):
# recordmydesktop --no-sound

When you want to stop recording using + C

By default, it records in ogv format. You can directly upload this video to youtube.

I faced some issues and it creates log file in home directory namely, gtk-recordMyDesktop-crash.log
Check it out for troubleshooting.

If you wish to cut portion of video, you can make use of ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i in.ogv -ss 00:01:05.0 -c copy -t 00:00:5.0  out.ogv

-ss -> start time

-t -> duration

This cuts video from 1 hour 5 mins of time duration 5 minutes. 

time format hh:mins:secs

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