Friday, July 14, 2017

openshift - oc cluster up in specific address

When you do 'oc cluster up' , you can access openshift console using

But if you wish to specify IP address to access your openshift console make use of --public-hostname=<IP address>

This way you can access the  cluster even from outside (but within LAN ofcourse)

# oc cluster up --public-hostname=


Also, to retain configuration from previous run:

oc cluster up --host-data-dir=/mydata     --use-existing-config 

Where mydata is the directory created - ensure it has adequate permissions.


Also, you can ask for specific version like below:

oc cluster up  --public-hostname=   --version=v3.9 --service-catalog 


Another example (with all above combined):

oc cluster up \
--version=v3.9 \
 --service-catalog=true \ \ \
 --loglevel=2 \
 --host-data-dir=/mydata \

Where,  is your node's IP address.


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