Friday, July 7, 2017

Store and Run docker images locally & inspect contents of docker image


Store and Run docker images locally:

How to save image locally and use it:

// You have built an image named s3-store-build

// Now save locally
$ docker save s3-store-build > s3-store-build.tar

$ ls -ltrsh
261M -rw-rw-r--  s3-store-build.tar

// Load the image - ready to run:
$ docker load --input s3-store-build.tar


Inspecting contents of docker image:

# get your image name from this command

docker images

# here is the image name , save it to a tar file

docker save > s3.tar

mkdir test

cd test

# extract entire image using tar
tar xf ../s3.tar

# now extract individual tar files present
for filename in `find . -name  "*.tar" `; do tar xf  $filename; done

# Now, you check whether the file you are looking for is present in the image
find . -name <some_test_file_whether_present.txt>


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